The Main Causes of Spider Veins

Although spider veins are a common problem, especially among women, not many people know much about what the causes of spider veins are. Understanding this issue better can help you implement appropriate measures to prevent spider veins in the future.

Although there’s a possibility for spider veins to disappear on their own, scheduling the best spider vein removal in Los Angeles is undoubtedly a more effective solution, especially in more severe cases. It also might be helpful to learn whether spider veins are a sign of some other health problem to put your mind at ease.

Are spider veins hereditary?

Unfortunately, genetics does increase your chances of developing spider veins at some point in your life. According to NCBI, extensive research has been conducted in the field of varicose veins and other venous diseases. Although there are numerous implications indicating that genes are one of the risk factors, there’s insufficient evidence for determining a particular gene that causes this problem.

Some research suggests that there might be inherited flaws that affect the vein strength. In addition, several studies have recently identified particular genes that contribute to this problem.

However, just because spider veins are hereditary, it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily have them. There are other causes of spider veins and the possibility to mitigate or even prevent them by implementing certain measures.

What causes spider veins on legs?

In most cases, spider veins appear on the legs and face. Of course, this greatly depends on the particular case of each patient and the circumstances that have caused this issue.

Being aware of the possible causes of spider veins will enable you to try some of the preventive measures and reduce the risks of developing them. Here are the most common causes:

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