What is microphlebectomy?

If you are searching for varicose vein removal in Beverly Hills, microphlebectomy could be just the treatment for you. This procedure is specifically indicated for large or medium sized superficial varicose veins. The troublesome varicose veins are removed through minuscule incisions on the leg, which are so small that they do not require stitching and leave barely perceptible scars.

Despite the loss of the large vein, there is no effect on the blood flow or circulation on the leg.  This is because the blood carried by the vein is rerouted to another healthier vein in the leg.  Blood flow will actually improve and be more efficient while the bulge in the leg is removed.

Microphlebectomy can be applied together with endovenous laser therapy for the best results.

How is microphlebectomy performed?

Microphlebectomy usually takes one hour. Several tiny incisions are made on the leg to allow the removal of the unsightly and often painful vein. The incisions are extremely small and leave behind a cosmetically satisfying result with no stitches. The pain the patient experiences is minimal, but pain relief is readily administered both during and after the treatment in the form of mild oral sedation and local anesthesia. The recovery isn’t demanding and imposes only a few restrictions.

Another reason why the procedure is convenient is because no laboratory tests or clearance appointments are necessary before the treatment. An ultrasound of the leg veins can be performed to ensure other veins in the legs are functioning adequately.

What are the benefits of microphlebectomy?

Microphlebectomy has excellent cosmetic results and extremely low risk of recurrence. To ensure the best outcome, it is often combined with EVLT to eliminate the closest point of reflux.

Since it doesn’t require general anesthesia and it’s minimally invasive, it involves a reduced risk of complications like blood loss or infection and it is well tolerated by patients.

There is no recovery time and the patient is allowed to resume their usual daily activities with only a few requirements for a short time period. Depending on the patient’s occupation, they may be able to return to work the same day.

Even though bruising will typically develop in the treated area, it quickly subsides and disappears after a few days. The main benefit of microphlebectomy in treating large varicose veins is the great aesthetic result which is achieved promptly and with very low levels of short-lived pain. Many patients report they wish they had done the treatment sooner.

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