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Get Results with Foam Sclerotherapy in Beverly Hills & LA

It comes as no surprise that there is such high demand for foam treatment for varicose veins in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. The latest technological advancements and modifications performed accordingly have resulted in a considerable improvement of this form of varicose vein treatment. 

Simply put, foam sclerotherapy allows patients to undergo a time-efficient procedure that is not only effective but also minimally invasive. And here at Beverly Hills Vein Institute, we achieve excellent results with foam sclerotherapy, making patients happier and healthier.

What is foam sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is used to treat superficial venous incompetence, as well as to reduce varicose veins. And that is literally what it does: it causes the diseased vein to shrink up. Foam sclerotherapy is certainly not a new form of treatment. In fact, the principles of this type of varicose vein treatment were established more than half a century ago. 

Still, modern foam sclerotherapy achieves revolutionary results, bringing relief to countless patients. If you are considering foam sclerotherapy in Los Angeles, feel free to contact us and schedule your very first appointment and examination. 

How is foam sclerotherapy performed?

Foam sclerotherapy is performed using thin needles to inject Varithena®, which is the brand name for a drug under the generic name polidocanol injectable foam. Varithena® is a sclerosant which works by inducing fibrosis inside the affected vein. The purpose of fibrosis or scarring and thickening of the connective tissue is to occlude the lumen of the affected blood vessels. This, in turn, reduces the visual varicosity of the veins. 

Once the vein closes, normal blood flow is restored and the blood starts flowing through the surrounding healthy veins. It typically takes multiple treatments to achieve the desired results.

What are the benefits of foam sclerotherapy?

Efficacy and safety are two of the most prominent benefits that foam sclerotherapy has to offer. When you reach out to us for foam treatment for varicose veins in Los Angeles, you can rest assured you will be under competent care of highly qualified healthcare professionals with vast experience. We take pride in our personalized approach that makes patients feel comfortable with the procedure from start to finish.

Can anyone undergo foam sclerotherapy?

We will run a thorough and careful examination and look into your medical history so we can decide on the optimal type of varicose vein treatment for you. Foam sclerotherapy is performed using the sclerosant (Varithena®) mixed with air. The alternative way to perform sclerotherapy is to use the sclerosant in liquid form. However, foam is more effective when treating larger, longer veins.

The use of Varithena® should be avoided in patients who are known to be allergic to the ingredients of the drug. If you’ve googled “foam sclero los angeles” or “foam sclero beverly hills” and our name came up, you can rest assured we will perform your initial consultation diligently to ensure whether foam treatment is the right choice for you.


Reap the benefits of foam sclerotherapy in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

Patients looking for foam sclerotherapy in Beverly Hills or foam sclerotherapy for spider veins in Los Angeles needn’t look far. You can find us right here in Beverly Hills. At the head of our team is Dr. Ivan Brooks who not only has extensive knowledge and expertise, but also excellent bedside manner. You will love the results and the royal treatment we reserve for our patients.

If you are interested in foam sclerotherapy for spider veins in Beverly Hills or foam sclerotherapy for varicose veins in Los Angeles, reach out to the Beverly Hills Vein Institute today. We are eager to help you restore your health and beauty and enhance your quality of life.

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