Spider Vein Treatment


How do spider veins show and what are the consequences?

Spider veins are dilated veins which are more delicate than varicose veins. They are red or blue and form patterns that we associate with spider webs or tree branches. They typically appear on the legs and the face. Normally, they don’t cause any serious complications other than leg discomfort which can manifest itself as itching, burning, throbbing, restlessness, heaviness and fatigue.

However, they can be a serious aesthetic issue which can negatively affect the person’s perception of their body and attractiveness. People who suffer from spider veins tend to cover the affected areas with clothing, which can be very inconvenient in a climate like in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, even if the person with spider veins doesn’t feel uncomfortable showing their legs, exposing spider veins to the sun further contributes to the decomposition of collagen in the tissues and makes the problem even worse.

What can be done for spider vein removal in Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills Vein Institute performs sclerotherapy for spider vein treatment and removal. Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure which has long been in use. It involves injecting a substance known as sclerosant into the affected veins using a very fine needle. The solution causes the veins to scar and eventually the veins fade and dissolve into the surrounding tissue, while the blood is rerouted through healthier veins.

Depending on the case, several treatments will be necessary or a combination of sclerotherapy and other programs to achieve the best results.

Feel free to call our office today to schedule a consultation if you think you need spider vein removal in Beverly Hills.

What causes spider veins?

Basically, the problem starts with subtle, flat, blue-green veins that have malfunctioning valves which allow the blood to flow backward. This leads to reflux, where the blood flows to the surface and causes veins to become larger and more visible.

Spider veins are predominantly caused by genetic factors and conditions people are born with. If you have a history of vein problems in your family, you are highly likely to develop spider veins.

There is a host of factors that can cause spider veins or negatively contribute to a genetic predisposition for them:

  • aging
  • congenital weak vein valves
  • hormonal changes, such as those in puberty, menopause, pregnancy or while taking birth control pills
  • obesity
  • insufficient exercise and movement
  • sun exposure (for light-skinned people)

Is spider vein treatment in Beverly Hills necessary?

Spider veins are typically visually unpleasant and can cause varying degrees of leg discomfort. Additional complications are not very common. However, delaying treatment can lead to new veins appearing, which will require additional treatments should the person decide to remove them.

A “corona phlebectatica” occurs when multiple spider veins appear together or near the ankle.  This can be a sign of “saphenous vein” reflux.  It is important to schedule an initial examination to monitor for these signs and rule out more costly procedures.

Spider veins are painful and can be difficult to live with.  At Beverly Hills Vein Institute, we treat these conditions with advanced sclerotherapy along with a combination of other programs for the best results. If you believe you are affected by spider veins, please call us today to schedule a consultation.

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