Why don’t the top surgeons in Beverly Hills
use a non painful approach to removing varicose veins?

Simple…they don’t know they can.

Ivan Brooks

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Why Dr. Brooks?

My background of anesthesia and interventional pain management has given me the insight about how best to manage a patient’s pain and provide the best treatment options. I have participated in hundreds of surgical procedures to treat vascular disorders including venous disease. I have always felt that the surgical option was extremely difficult for the patient on so many levels.

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Why get vein treatment now?

The disease process of venous insufficiency is a progressive disease that will never get better without vein treatment. The disease process only gets worse over time and it becomes more difficult to reverse the secondary effects of venous insufficiency. These are moderate to significant leg ache worsening over the course of the day, sense of heaviness in the legs. restless legs at night, swelling of the lower calf and ankle areas, worsening spider veins and enlarged superficial veins, skin color changes and ultimately skin ulceration. It is important to recognize the origins of your venous reflux disease. Your initial evaluation will create a proper and precise treatment plan. There are no secrets to making your legs feel and look healthy again.

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What vein treatment in Beverly Hills offers the best results?

What vein treatment will give you the best results depends most on your case. Several questions have to be answered. How long have you had varicose veins? Have you already had a vein treatment in Los Angeles? What is the scope of your problem with varicose veins? Do you have only varicose veins, only spider veins or both? With these answers and after a thorough examination, the doctor will present you the options.

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In a number of cases it is most efficient to go with a combination of treatments. However, a treatment that has proven to give outstanding results with excellent patient tolerance is our laser vein removal treatment in Beverly Hills – called Endovenous Laser Therapy.

What is EVLT?

EVLT or Endovenous Laser Therapy is a newly developed procedure that uses laser technology to close off varicose veins and cause them to dissolve into the surrounding tissue. The process is an excellent alternative to the traditional vein surgery known as ligation or stripping. The scarring is almost non-existent and the recovery time is incomparably shorter and much less demanding than after surgery.

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What are my expenses?

The initial office visit and consultation is covered by most PPO insurances. We also accept Medicare. Should your evaluation determine that your venous issues are primarily cosmetic in nature further varicose vein treatment in our Beverly Hills center would be billed directly to the patient.

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