How Do Your Fashion Choices Affect Your Venous Health?

No matter how sophisticated varicose vein treatment has become, many of those affected by spider or varicose veins continue to hope that some miraculous DIY solution will suddenly fall into their lap. They’ll google “smart ways guaranteed to hide my veins” before googling “varicose veins doctor near me”, certain that they can find some clever way to disguise varicose or spider veins. Some resort to cosmetic camouflage, others to careful clothing choices.

But how do your clothing choices affect your spider or varicose veins? Can what you wear cause or aggravate varicose veins?

What are the main causes of varicose veins?

The main risk factors for varicose veins and Chronic Venous Disease are factors which increase blood pressure in the veins. These include the following: 

Does tight clothing cause varicose veins?

Fashion designers go out of their way to cater to the demand of people trying to hide what they hate about their body. And for many people, women in particular, what they hate is their enlarged or overly prominent veins.

But here’s the irony: while trying to hide your varicose veins by opting for tight jeans instead of a maxi skirt, you are actually causing more damage and making things worse for yourself. It’s a quick fix that can potentially have long-term consequences and make your condition worse. 

Although it would be an overstatement to say that tight clothing can cause varicose veins, what you wear can have a direct and considerable effect on the severity of your condition. Wearing tight clothing puts excessive pressure on the legs or the abdomen which can aggravate your condition. 

What clothes should you avoid if you have varicose veins?

Although they may appear similar to compression stockings, avoid the following items: 

What to wear when you have varicose veins?

Luckily, the world of fashion offers an abundance of choices to women suffering from varicose veins. Whether she opts for fast fashion or haute couture, a woman can feel comfortable and look stylish without aggravating her condition. When it comes to this, doctors are unanimous that your wardrobe should consist of: 

High heels are a no-go for aesthetic and medical reasons:

Even if you do not have varicose veins but think you might be at risk of developing this condition in the future, you should prioritize clothes that are loose-fitting and breathable.

What else can you do to stop varicose veins from getting worse?

Aside from saying goodbye to tight clothes and high-heeled shoes, you can decrease the risk of aggravating varicose veins by adopting other healthy habits:

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