Is It Time to Consult Specialized Vein Doctors?

Gone are the days when surgery was the only option to treat vascular veins. You can now seek the assistance of professionals who use minimally invasive varicose vein treatment options instead. They will introduce you to alternative methods of treating your varicose or spider veinsLasting recovery after varicose vein treatment is possible and you will feel and look better than ever.

Is it time to consult a vein specialist regarding the removal and post-treatment of your varicose veins?

What is a vein specialist called?

Sometimes you are most concerned about the visual effect of varicose veins, and sometimes this is accompanied by persistent pain and discomfort. In the worst case scenario, your health is at serious risk as a result of your condition. Only a competent vein doctor can decide following an in-depth consultation and examination.

But the term vein doctor itself can be confusing. There are vascular surgeons, phlebologists and vein specialists. The term vein specialist refers to cardiologists, dermatologists and interventional radiologists.

How much does varicose vein surgery cost?

Varicose veins would cost thousands of dollars. But that’s not the only issue with varicose vein surgery. Aside from long recovery time, it comes with serious risks and the possibility of health complications. The worst part is that none of this is a guarantee that you will get the results that you are looking for. In other words, surgery is still an option for the treatment of varicose veins, but an outdated one at best.

Luckily, medical science has come up with much better answers. Minimally invasive vein procedures such as EVLT and sclerotherapy are known to be much more effective. Besides, you will not undergo any procedure before you undergo a detailed examination and medical history check so your doctor can be absolutely certain that the procedure will be completely safe.

Can damaged veins be repaired?

It is possible to repair varicose veins through various varicose vein treatment options. Owing to the latest advancement in medical science, the recovery period is significantly shorter than it was in the past when vein surgery was the only option. Most importantly, minimally invasive procedures are not only much more effective, but also free of risks. Some options require more time and several appointments but they bring results that will be absolutely worth it.

When should I see a vascular doctor?

If you have been noticing changes on your skin resulting from varicose veins or have been experiencing any discomfort, no matter how slight, the time to see a vascular doctor is now. Here are some symptoms to be on the lookout for:

Q: Who are the best vein doctors near me? A: Right this way!

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