Spider Veins: What You Need to Know

A problem such as spider veins can greatly affect a person’s self-confidence. Luckily, this issue can be easily solved if you schedule a consultation with a trusted doctor who has experience and knowledge in the area of spider vein removal in Los Angeles.

However, before making an appointment, you need to gain a deeper understanding of what spider veins are to know what to expect. Learning whether spider veins are hereditary or not and when they typically appear may also be helpful in finding out whether there’s something you can do to prevent them.

What do spider veins feel like?

Spider veins occur upon blood vessel dilation close to the skin surface. This gives these capillary veins a red, blue or purple look. They resemble a spider web, which is why they are known as “spider veins”.

Although spider veins aren’t such a serious health problem, they can cause discomfort in the areas they appear. If you have spider veins, you might be experiencing:

Exposing the affected area to the sun may even worsen the problem and result in greater physical discomfort due to the collagen decomposition. What’s more, if left untreated, spider veins can deteriorate and make the symptoms more intense.

Can spider veins itch?

One of the common consequences of spider veins is the itching sensation that can be quite irritating. However, it’s crucial that you refrain from scratching because your skin in this area is highly sensitive, so you can easily damage it, possibly even causing an infection. Consequently, the itching and spider veins themselves will become even worse.

To soothe the itching, you can try some of the following suggestions:

Do spider veins go away on their own?

According to the Office on Women’s Health, spider veins and varicose veins can sometimes lead to more serious health problems. However, you might be wondering whether there’s a possibility for spider veins to disappear on their own over time.

In the event your spider veins have been caused by pregnancy or certain medication you’re taking, there’s a chance they may go away after a while. However, it can take months or even more for them to disappear completely.

A more effective solution is undergoing an effective, yet non-invasive treatment – sclerotherapy. This will help you deal with this issue over a much shorter period of time. Of course, if your spider vein problem is quite serious, it’s definitely advisable that you schedule a consultation with an educated, qualified doctor as soon as possible.

Seeking professional help

There are several types of spider vein treatment, and which one will suit you will depend on your particular case. Your trusted medical professional will evaluate your condition and determine what’s the best way to proceed.

You shouldn’t postpone getting medical help with your spider veins because the issue may become more serious if you neglect it. What’s more, you deserve to feel good and confident about your body. However, make sure to find a trusted expert for spider and varicose veins in Los Angeles who will provide you with proper care and treatment. 

Schedule the most effective Los Angeles spider vein removal

There’s no better specialist for vein treatment in Los Angeles than Dr. Brooks, so don’t hesitate to make an appointment. He will help you deal with this issue in a subtle, non-invasive manner instead of immediately resorting to surgical procedures. With our help, you’ll soon be relaxing at Santa Monica State Beach, feeling completely comfortable and happy with your body.

Although home treatment can mitigate the symptoms, it cannot completely solve the issue, which is why you should schedule your spider vein removal treatment. The treatment we provide is safe, effective and completely painless, so feel free to give us a call.

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