Why Vein Treatments You Had Were Unsuccessful and What to Do

With many successful varicose vein removal procedures under his belt, Beverly Hills Vein Institute founder Ivan Brooks M.D. has treated many patients after their previous varicose vein treatments were unsuccessful. There could be several reasons why such a procedure went wrong, and naturally a patient who went through such an unsuccessful operation might feel reluctant to give varicose vein removal another go.

Fortunately, with Beverly Hills Vein Institute patients don’t have to worry about failed procedures and rookie mistakes that are often behind these mishaps and relapses. Our impressive track record backed with years of experience and complete patient satisfaction are a guarantee that after visiting our clinic, you won’t have to worry about the treatment’s efficiency.

Listed below are some of the reasons your therapy might not have given you the result you were expecting.

Incomplete or Inadequate Assessment

Before the procedure takes place, the doctor has to make an initial assessment by performing a thorough examination of the problem that is causing the appearance of varicose veins. This is usually done through the use of Ultrasound. However, some vein doctors send these results to radiology experts or sonographers who do not specialize in varicose vein treatment. If the affected veins are not correctly mapped, the treatment is likely to fail.

Fortunately for you, at Beverly Hills Vein Institute the initial analysis are conducted by people who specialize in removing varicose veins. We take into account the detailed ultrasound scan, your medical history and the conclusions delivered after a thorough medical examination in order to ensure a completely successful treatment.

Reticular Veins Left Untreated

Reticular or Feeder veins are discovered trough ultrasound mapping. Imagine your leg veins as giant trees. Then think of the great saphenous veins as the trunks and the reticular veins as the branches. Through this analogy, the varicose or spider veins appearing on the surface of your skin are nothing but leaves. Therefore, only treating the varicose veins and not the underlying issue in the reticular veins will result in a higher chance of the varicose veins returning. After all, if you only cut the leaves, the branches will simply grow new ones over time.

Our patients often comment on having previously been subjected to the sclerotherapy procedure only to have their varicose vein problem resurface. This is likely due to reticular veins not being treated. However, as our treatments are thorough we will resolve any underlying reticular vein issues to prevent any chance of the varicose veins appearing again.

Lack of Proper Equipment or Experience

A doctor lacking either the proper equipment or experience and training will likely not be able to treat your varicose vein problem successfully. A good vein doctor must be able to diagnose and treat any forms of vein disease by keeping current in the latest advances in the field. With many years of experience and the cutting edge equipment at our side, you can trust the Beverly Hills Vein Institute staff to successfully rid you of your varicose vein problem.

Wrong Treatments

Sadly, many doctors still insist on invasive surgical procedures, even though varicose and spider vein treatments have come a long way. Methods we offer such as Sclerotherapy, EVLT or VenaSeal Closure have proven as more effective, safe and more pleasant for the patients. These treatments are more successful, safer and require no long recovery periods.

No Follow-Up Treatments

No matter what method a doctor chooses to treat varicose or spider veins, a follow-up treatment is essential in ensuring the problem does not return. Sadly, many vein doctors completely skip this step. Since some treatments have to be repeated in order to be successful, a follow-up is absolutely mandatory. This is why at Beverly Hills Vein Institute follow-up exams are provided to all patients.

The Best Vein Center in Los Angeles: Remove Varicose Veins once and for all!

If your previous varicose or spider vein treatments with other doctors were unsuccessful it’s time to turn to the professionals. Contact the Beverly Hills Vein Institute at (310) 853-5850 to book an appointment and finally be free of even the most persistent vein disease.

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