Why Should You Remove Varicose Veins By Laser?

Enlarged and twisted, varicose veins are not only extremely unpleasant to look at and making you feel self-conscious. They also come with various other dreadful symptoms: itchiness, aching, burning, swelling, throbbing, restlessness, heaviness, fatigue.

If varicose veins are the bane of your existence, you are not the only one. Considering the number of people, especially women, suffering from the same condition, it comes as no surprise that there is a growing demand for alternative forms of varicose vein treatment, such as laser treatment in Beverly Hills.

Consult a trusted medical professional so they can perform a thorough examination, as well as take a look at your medical history. They will then determine whether laser treatment is the answer you have been looking for. As long as you perform post-laser treatment aftercare in accordance with doctor’s orders, you will be walking with a spring in your step before you know it!

Is removing varicose veins dangerous?

Because they are both unsightly and painful, varicose veins are often downright unbearable. You’ve tried everything: from covering them up to elevating your legs to seeking various forms of pain relief, but nothing seems to work. You want to get rid of them, but you are afraid that it requires you to undergo invasive surgery.

In the past, people suffering from varicose veins were reluctant to take action and have them removed because they were frightened of the potential risks. Some still believe that removing varicose veins is dangerous. Others, on the other hand, are extremely sensitive to pain and want to avoid it at all costs.

Luckily, these risks are a thing of the past. In fact, it is failure to remove varicose veins that is far more dangerous. If left untreated, varicose veins can have a far more detrimental effect on your health. Varicose veins are a serious venous disease.

Owing to the advancement of modern medicine, no longer is conventional surgery required to remove varicose veins. With safe and effective modern forms of treatment provided by highly qualified vein specialists, varicose veins can be removed without any pain.

Can varicose veins be removed by laser?

Absolutely, and this is actually one of the most common and most efficient ways to treat varicose veins. Depending on how long you have had varicose veins, the scope of the problem, whether or not you have undergone treatment in the past and other factors, your vein specialist will decide if laser treatment is right for you.

What is the best treatment for varicose veins?

You are sick and tired of your varicose veins and the resulting discomfort. You want them gone for good and as soon as possible. So what is the best, safest way to treat them?

Again, this is up to your doctor to decide, because it is of vital importance that you undergo a thorough physical examination beforehand. The following types of varicose veins treatment are available:

All of these treatments are highly efficient and minimally invasive. In some cases, your vein specialist will recommend that you undergo multiple treatments or a combination of treatments in order to achieve optimal results.

Effective laser treatment in Beverly Hills for your varicose veins

It is time to allow Dr Ivan Brooks to help you turn your life around. Together with his trusted team, Dr Brooks, a double-board certified medical professional who has helped countless patients, will show you the way to a brighter, pain-free future.

No longer will you feel embarrassed to wear a shorter dress in the summertime or forgo attending a social event because of the pain and heaviness in your legs. You will be looking forward to every opportunity to show off those gorgeous legs at the beach or on Rodeo Drive. Call us today to schedule your first appointment!

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