What Are the Best Treatment Options for My Spider Veins?

Not so long ago, finding effective treatment, especially effective laser treatment for your varicose veins in Los Angeles was a difficult endeavor. Now that spider vein treatment procedures are no longer obscure, their benefits are widely known and the recovery swift, you’re all for it. Naturally, you want the absolute best doctor to perform the procedure. But which procedure would suit you best? If you’ve ever asked yourself: What are my options for spider vein removal near me?, read on.

What are spider veins?

Named after their uncanny resemblance to spiderweb, spider veins are those normally tiny veins or capillaries which became enlarged. They can appear anywhere on the body but they’re most commonly found on the legs. What makes them stand out and impossible to hide is that there are so many of them and because their color can range from red to blue to purple.

The reason for the enlargement of these tiny blood vessels is weakening of their walls caused by increased internal pressure. The list of possible factors leading to this condition is extensive. Other than hereditary reasons, it includes hormonal imbalance, lack of physical activity, a career or lifestyle that requires excessive sitting or standing, poor dietary choices, weight gain or loss etc.

Should I seek spider vein removal near me?

Generally notorious purely for aesthetic reasons, spider veins are not altogether harmless. You may feel a burning sensation or even pain when sitting or standing for extended periods of time, which is reason enough to have them removed. They are also a definitive sign that you are prone to varicose veins, which is a cause for concern in its own right.

Unless you are pregnant, nursing or have been affected by blood clots in the past, you should be a good candidate for spider vein removal, so make sure you consult a trusted doctor about it.

Removing spider veins with scelortherapy

A common and highly effective vein removal method, schlerotherapy requires injecting a solution called sclerosant into the affected veins. This special solution redirects the blood flow towards healthier veins. This causes the swollen and bulging vein walls to collapse and fade away until, in a few weeks’ time, that is, after several sessions, the veins disappear altogether.

Laser Treatment for spider vein removal near me

The most recent advancements in vein removal technology comes in the form of laser treatment. By using laser energy, that is, a pulse of heat, the doctor causes the spider vein to diminish in size, collapse and finally disappear. The procedure may take several repetitions to achieve the optimal results, but it is extremely effective and increasingly popular.

You say: Spider vein removal near me? Dr Ivan Brooks says: Spider veins, begone!

Spiderweb in your bedroom may be unsightly, but spiderweb on your legs is just nasty. Although spider veins may not pose an immediate threat to your health, they may indicate that you are at risk of developing more serious vascular issues, not to mention undermine your self-esteem. With Dr Ivan Brooks from the Beverly Hills Vein Institute who puts his unsurpassed expertise into performing flawless vein removal procedures and providing premium care to his patients, all that ends now. Beverly Hills Vein Institute always puts patients first, so schedule your appointment today!

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