Are varicose veins the bane of your existence, a never-ending nightmare? Luckily, finding the best laser removal in Los Angeles for varicose veins is no longer a problem. LA’s top vein specialists have the experience and competence to treat anything from spider veins to the life-threatening varicose conditions.  Also, the procedure’s cost is a small price to pay for a pain-free life with gorgeous legs to boot, and the post-treatment recovery is impressively rapid. So, what are we all waiting for? To hear more about varicose veins laser treatment aftercare, of course.  

Recovery duration

The reason why varicose veins laser treatment aftercare is much less complex than any other form of varicose veins treatment is the recovery period – full recovery can be achieved in a few weeks. Varicose veins laser treatment is carried out as an outpatient procedure, so there is no need to stay in the hospital. The procedure will be finished in under an hour, even if both legs underwent laser treatment.


The doctor may wrap your legs in compression bandages, which you should continue wearing for a day or two days following the treatment. You may take them off when sleeping or showering. Speaking of showering, make sure that the water temperature is not too hot.

The best part of the latest advances in laser technology is that they leave minimal and temporary side effects. After arriving home, patients  should rest for the remainder of the day. You might feel burning or stinging in your leg (or legs), but it’s usually just a mildly uncomfortable sensation. You may take a painkiller (again, a mild one) if the sensation turns to aching or pain.

It may sound counterintuitive, but exercises (nothing strenuous, though) are recommended for all patients recovering from a varicose veins treatment. This is because inactivity raises the likelihood of blood clots forming and putting your health at risk. Also avoid sitting or standing for longer time periods, but feel free to take short walks as they will improve your blood circulation. Avoid sun exposure following the treatment or at least limit your sun exposure to a shorter period of time and use a sunscreen lotion. Avoid driving for a couple of days.

What to be mindful of

All vascular veins treatments have one thing in common – they can only treat existing vascular veins. Fortunately, there are precautionary measures you can take to prevent new ones from developing. Your vein specialist is bound to instruct you to comply with the following rules so as to prevent the formation of new vascular veins:

  1. avoid gain weight, which means following a healthy diet plan
  2. exercising on regular basis
  3. when sitting, especially if you are in a sedentary line of work, raise your feet
  4. avoid crossing your legs when sitting
  5. avoid wearing tight clothes

Your varicose veins laser treatment aftercare? A walk in the park, thanks to Beverly Hills Vein Institute!

Bulging veins, heavy legs, swollen feet, throbbing and cramps, constant itchiness and pain – these words alone bring nothing but discomfort. But with Beverly Hills Vein Institute, it can all go away. From your first consultation with our surgeon to the varicose veins laser treatment aftercare, you’ll know you’re in good hands. Soon, you’ll be walking with a spring in your step – we’ll make sure of that!