Should I See a Vascular Doctor for Varicose Veins?

Do you have swollen and twisted veins right underneath the skin? Varicose veins most often appear in the legs but they can occur in other parts of the body as well. Although varicose and spider veins are a common medical condition, many people don’t seek the help of a renowned North County or Beverly Hills vein doctor until they start experiencing pain or face complications such as skin ulcers and blood clots.

Read on to find out more about varicose veins and treatment options.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged, bulgy, lumpy, blue or dark purple contortions ranging from slightly enlarged visible lines to big, rope-like structures. You can see them just under the surface of the skin, usually in the legs.

How do varicose veins happen?

Your veins carry blood back to the heart. They contain valves that open to permit only one-way blood flow – in the direction of the heart. When they function adequately, these one-way venous valves keep the blood from flowing backward, constantly fighting against gravity.

When the valves don’t work well, they are unable to make sure that blood flows toward the heart. Therefore, some of the blood will pool (collect) in your legs. Over time, this may lead to a number of vein disorders.

Who is at risk?

Genetics and gender play a major role in the development of varicose veins. There are also other factors that can increase your risk for varicose veins such as obesity, age, pregnancy, smoking, leg trauma, and lack of movement. If you want to prevent varicose veins, you should keep these factors in mind, as well as consult with your trusted vein doctor in North County or Beverly Hills.

What are the common symptoms?

Varicose veins are more than just unsightly. Some people experience only mild swelling and pain, while others have trouble standing for long periods of time.

Symptoms may include:

If left untreated, varicose veins can lead to serious medical conditions like leg ulceration, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), phlebitis, varicose eczema, etc. So waste no time! If you experience any of these symptoms and you live in Beverly Hills or North County, seek advice from a reputable vein doctor near you.

Reach out to #1 North County Beverly Hills vein doctor

In case any of these symptoms of varicose veins sound familiar, reach out to Beverly Hills Vein Institute! Dr. Ivan Brooks, MD, a distinguished vein doctor in Beverly Hills who is also well-known for its expertise in North County, will take your medical history and evaluate best non-surgical treatment options for your varicose or spider veins. Contact Beverly Hills Vein Institute online or call 1 (310) 853 – 5850 to schedule an appointment – today!

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