Leading Vein Center in Beverly Hills Debunks 6 Misconceptions about Varicose Veins

A lot of myths about varicose veins have been in circulation via various internet forums and websites. And while some of them might be loosely based on the truth, the facts have been largely misinterpreted and these myths can cause more harm to people already suffering from varicose veins. In this article we debunked some of the most notorious myths about varicose veins you are bound to come across at some point and ones that we often get asked about at our Vein Center in Beverly Hills.

#1 Varicose veins are just ugly on the eye

Many seem to believe that varicose veins are just an aesthetic nuisance and that the worst thing about them is that they are unsightly. In fact, varicose veins tend to get very painful and can cause a lot of problems including aches, fatigue, cramps, itching sensations and swelling. These symptoms tend to get even worse during the day when you get out of bed.

#2 Varicose veins are always swollen

This myth is the main reason why many patients suffering from varicose veins seek treatment only after their symptoms worsen. If you are suffering from any of the aforementioned symptoms and see no signs of swollen veins, you might not make the connection right away. These symptoms can be attributed to various other conditions, and you can always misinterpret fatigue and swelling as the signs of being on your legs for too long or being too hard at work, while you could have been suffering from varicose veins all along.

#3 It takes a long time to recover from varicose vein surgery

While you might have heard of vein stripping surgery, which does dictate a long recovery process, this treatment is a thing of the past. We offer various alternative methods that require no anesthesia or stitches and do not require a long recovery period. You can relax and enjoy music while we finish the surgery, and the best part is that you will be ready to get back on your feet right after the surgery (although there are some limitations you will have to mind).

 #4 Varicose veins have a tendency of coming back

Not likely. Our Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT) has a stunning success rate of 99%. Successfully treated veins will never come back. And just in case of the 1%, should further symptoms develop in new veins or small branches return, we monitor our patients through additional checkups to ensure that their varicose veins never come back.

#5 You don’t have to treat varicose veins

While the early stage symptoms may be misinterpreted and often go unnoticed, later stages of this disease may see patients going through skin changes in the areas of the shins and ankles. Your skin may turn red and hard to the touch. If the disease is not kept in check, this may lead to development of ulcers that can be particularly difficult to cure.

#6 There’s no way to detect the disease

There’s an easy way to determine if you are suffering from varicose veins through the use of ultrasound. If you book an appointment at our Beverly Hills Vein Center right away, our skilled staff will determine whether you are suffering from varicose veins through ultrasound analysis and will offer you the best treatment options.

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