Varicose vein treatment has come a long way from the invasive surgical procedures of old. Thanks to the recent advancements in medicine and technology, removing varicose veins has never been easier. Varicose vein treatments of today are non-invasive, more effective and less dangerous than the old methods of treating this disease. While some of these modern procedures like EVLT, laser therapy and sclerotherapy have been around for a while now, a new form of treatment recently emerged and revolutionized the way varicose veins are treated. The name of this treatment is VenaSeal and it is one of the latest trends in varicose vein treatment, having been tested and approved only recently. In the short period it has been used, VenaSeal closure treatment has proven to be both effective and safe.

VenaSeal Closure: How Does It Work?

The VenaSeal Closure treatment begins with the doctor mapping the affected veins in your leg using ultrasound scanning. Since not all damaged veins are visible, it is important to map the veins and determine if there are any more varicose veins hidden under the skin. After this procedure, the doctor applies a local anesthetic. This numbs the area the doctor is supposed to treat. A catheter is then inserted into the skin. It injects a glue-like substance designed to seal the affected veins and terminate blood flow through them. As blood no longer flows through the damaged veins, the varicose veins disappear.

What is the Glue Made Of?

The adhesive used during the procedure is a type of cyanoacrylate, a substance that has been in use since the 50’s, mainly for treating wounds and incisions. The adhesive used for this procedure was designed in specialized labs. The glue is soft and elastic, and cannot be detected after the treatment. The glue has no side effects or long-term adverse effects.

What Are The Advantages of This Treatment?

The greatest advantage over other treatments is that a single treatment is enough to treat varicose veins, while multiple treatments might be required with other methods. Apart from that, patients do not need compression stockings after the treatment.  VenaSeal treatment also eliminates surgical incisions, anesthesia and the use of heat, which significantly reduces the recovery time.

How Safe Is The Treatment?

The treatment was proven safe through a series of clinical trials. The only danger is to clients who are allergic to the components of the glue used in the treatment. This is why the doctor tests the glue on your skin first to determine if you develop an allergic reaction.

Before and After the Procedure

The VenaSeal procedure was designed to minimize discomfort. You won’t feel any pain during the procedure apart from a mild tugging feeling when the adhesive is injected. This is why this procedure is advised to those who feel anxious about visiting the doctor. The results are almost instantaneous, and the procedure leaves little or no bruises. The glue is safely absorbed by your organism over time.

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