For many mothers-to-be, spotting their first spider veins during pregnancy was a very unpleasant experience. On the bright side, there are several treatments for spider veins and varicose veins in pregnancy Los Angeles specialist recommend. These are some very good news as, apart from looking unsightly, slightly enlarged intertwined veins may present a risk from varicose veins blood clots, or develop into more serious conditions, like deep vein thrombosis. Here are a few advice on how to approach the situation, and what you can do to minimize the unpleasantness and the potential health risks of spider veins during pregnancy.

What causes the formation of spider veins during pregnancy?

One of the main causes of spider veins during pregnancy are, and this comes as no surprise – pregnancy hormones. Adding the other factors to the mix (increased blood flow pressuring the blood vessels, pregnancy weight gain and, most commonly, genetic predispositions), and the result are swollen vessels that cause a future mother much discomfort. Now that they are present, how to deal with them?

What you can do to deal with spider veins during Pregnancy

  1. Get moving. Prolonged sitting or standing will only make the problem deeper, so it’s crucial for you to stay active. Don’t do anything to strain yourself too much, however, as such movements can have quite the opposite effect. As often in life, moderation is key: take relaxing walks or slow runs, and, whenever you can, try some light exercising. By all means, always avoid crossing your legs while sitting, and try to lift them up whenever you can, as this will greatly help your circulation.
  2. Watch your diet. Make sure your daily water intake is high, and include as much high-fiber foods in your diet. This should help fight the constipation episodes, that contribute to the appearance of swollen veins. Mind your pregnancy weight gain, so it does not become excessive – you don’t want any extra pressure on your legs and pelvis.
  3. Take your vitamins. How to help the relaxed, weakened blood vessels? Taking you vitamins regularly (specially vitamin C) will help your body produce collagen and elastin, which will greatly benefit your veins in the long run.
  4. Conceal the problematic areas. Some of the previous advice may be of great help, but if the veins are still somewhat visible, try covering them with a thin layer of concealer. Wearing darker-colored hosiery should also do the trick.

You had spider veins during pregnancy, but they are persistent even after the delivery? It’s time to consult a specialist

Unfortunately, even after carrying out the mentioned lifestyle changes, some future mothers still have to face a harsh reality: their swollen veins seem to be there to stay. Still, even if your spider veins are persistent after childbirth, all is not lost. Pay a visit to a reliable vein specialist, so you can discuss options and possible treatments.

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