Ivan Brooks

Why Dr Brooks?

My background of anesthesia and interventional pain management has given me the insight about how best to manage a patient’s pain and provide the best treatment options. I have participated in hundreds of  surgical procedures to treat vascular disorders including venous disease.

I have always felt that the surgical option was extremely difficult for the patient on so many levels. The painful approach of venous stripping left patients with painful and prolonged recovery times, long general anesthetics and quite frankly a poor result.

I have always believed there was a better approach to treating venous insufficiency. After extensive research I found the minimally invasive approach of endovascular venous ablation was the only option.

My background of interventional pain management which encompasses precise needle placement and catheterization under ultrasound  guidance has lead me to treating venous disease with true confidence and extremely proud results. I know the surgical option is no longer an option.