Did you know that your veins are put under lots of pressure every day? When valves inside the veins function properly, they allow blood flow in the right direction – toward the heart. As your leg muscles get activated, the valves open to permit this one-way flow, fighting against the force of gravity and reducing the pressure applied to the veins. People with poor vein health may suffer from leg swelling and pain, as well as from more serious medical conditions. Only by seeking the most reliable varicose vein removal in Beverly Hills, these individuals can get rid of their varicose veins.

If you want to delay the appearance of varicose veins that require varicose vein treatment, there are a few habits that you should avoid, such as prolonged sitting or standing. Improperly supported feet, excess weight and inactivity, along with other factors can contribute to the loss of venous tone.

Here are a few tips for supporting vein health and having problem-free veins!

Stay active

When you sit or stand for a prolonged period of time, it will be harder for the blood to go upward to the heart. When your body is upright, the blood may, therefore, stagnate in the legs. This blood pooling puts pressure on your leg veins, causing them to expand over time.

Doctors specializing in the vein care of Beverly Hills recommend that you break the cycle of standing or sitting by changing positions, moving in between position changes and staying active as much as possible. Moving your calves will help the blood to flow toward the heart.

Exercise regularly

Having strong calf muscles and muscle tissues can help improve blood circulation and promote vein health. Low-impact workouts are the optimal choice for supported veins because they build muscle without putting excess pressure on your legs.

Try swimming, water aerobics, cycling, rollerblading or dancing. Walking is one of the best ways to keep your veins healthy. These exercises will help restore proper blood flow and reduce your risk of varicose veins.

On the other hand, high-impact exercises like running are not recommended because they increase blood flow to the legs, putting more strain on the legs. Over time, this can lead to the appearance of varicose veins, particularly in people who already have a history.

Elevate your legs

You should elevate your legs at least once a day. You can do this for several minutes every night before you go to sleep. By raising your feet, you will reduce leg swelling and promote good circulation, allowing your blood to flow back to the heart more easily. If it is possible, lift your legs three or four times a day.

You can also try out exercises such as yoga or pilates, which change the body’s orientation and promote healthy circulation. Lying on your back with elevated legs will relieve stress on your leg veins.

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