Many people live with varicose veins as long as the symptoms are purely aesthetic, and realize only when it’s too late that they could have prevented agonizing symptoms form ever developing. The same people often tend to resort to various home treatments and fall for scam, telemarketed products with no proven effect whatsoever.

As professionals with years of experience in treating varicose veins, we recommend contacting a professional clinic like Beverly Hills Vein Institute and considering painless, professional and medical options. Still, if you are that keen on removing varicose veins on your own, do not fall for falsely-advertised and often expensive products. The experts working at Dr. Brooks’ vein removal clinic offer a few tips that might help treat varicose veins naturally. There are several proven methods that improve blood flow and apart from helping with varicose veins, improve your overall health.


The first thing you should try is introducing regular exercise into your daily routine. We’ve already talked about how important exercise is in varicose vein prevention, as regular exercise can help improve your blood flow and prevent inflammation in the lower limbs. Prolonged standing and sitting vastly increase your risk of developing painful varicose vein symptoms, as blood pools in your veins.

Being stationary for too long makes it difficult for your veins to pump blood back into the heart, and exercise is the best natural remedy. Some of the most useful exercises for varicose veins include leg lifts, bicycle legs, calf raises and side lunges. This will help stretch and strengthen the veins in your legs. Apart from that, lighter exercise methods such as walking, cycling and swimming can also help treat varicose veins. Be advised not to push yourself too hard if you experience pain during your workouts. Additionally try heating or icing your leg muscles after exercise.

Mind Your Weight

Another thing we recently touched upon is the importance of proper diet and weigh control in preventing varicose veins from developing. Overweight individuals are more prone to developing varicose veins, especially as they age. Excess body weight puts additional strain on the leg veins, leading to inflammation and reflux. Large veins such as the saphenous vein are the ones most at risk. Treating varicose veins can also be more difficult in overweight patients, as the veins are more difficult to reach. There’s the additional risk of varicose veins not developing any visible symptoms until the disease progresses enough for the veins to be observable on the outside.

Natural Remedies

Some natural herbs such as horse chestnut or bilberry have been proven as effective in varicose vein treatment. They have long been used as organic, homemade remedies and are considered a safe and effective method in varicose vein removal. Recent studies confirmed their efficiency in taking care of symptoms such as ankle swelling, itching and cramping. Bilberry fruit can either be eaten raw or prepared as a tea. The seeds, leaves, flowers and bark of the horse chestnut tree can be found in forms of extracts, creams, capsule and tea. Both can be combined with grape seed extract, butcher’s broom or vitamin E to improve blood flow and help with blood-thinning.

Removing Varicose Veins Painlessly

Years of experience tell us that patients are most reluctant to undergo a professional varicose vein treatment because they are afraid of the associated feeling of pain, invasive surgical procedures and believe in various myths that discourage them from looking for medical help. At Beverly Hills Vein Institute we offer painless, non-invasive varicose vein treatments such as sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy as well as endovenous laser therapy. Our friendly agents will shed light on any fears you may have and offer the best possible solution for your varicose vein problem.